Which CBD and herb grinder to choose?

Which Herb Grinder to choose?

Many people who use the benefits of herbs do not take into account how useful a dry grinder can be. Most assume that it makes no sense to grind herbs, it is better to load the tobacco into the barrel and fire it right away, or crush it with your hands. Nothing could be further from the truth! A herb grinder is an absolute “must have”. Apart from the fact that the active substances in ground herbs will be better evaporated and thus also absorbed – there is also the aspect of considerable savings.


What are the advantages of having a herbal grinder?


Much better dry quality – grinding the dry matter in your grinder involves releasing the aroma and flavor from the broken flowers or other form of ground herbs. Ground material will certainly taste and work much better.


More power – if you want your herbs to work better, just throw them into your grinder. It doesn’t matter if you smoke or vaporize, let’s put CBD on. The effect of the active substances in ground herbs will be much better with every method of absorption.


Versatile use – the ground material can be used in many more ways.


Saves time – grinding tobacco in a grinder will be much faster than crushing it with your hands. In addition, the previously ground dryer can be packed into a tube and transported in a very easy, ergonomic way.


Better use of material – by grinding your material you can be sure to use everything from A to Z. By charging the vaporizer with a well ground dryer you can be sure that the entire dryer in the chamber will be evenly heated and nothing will be wasted. The same applies to bong or barrels.


What kind of grinder to buy? Where to buy a marijuana grinder?


Looking through our store you will come across grinders made of different materials. What you choose depends on your personal preferences and the budget you can spend on buying a grinder. Below I will describe the most popular materials from which the grinders are made. The description does not apply to the “teeth” crushing the drought inside the grinder, but before we go to the description it is worth asking why a marijuana grinder?


A marijuana grinder is primarily needed to grind it. A marijuana grinder is needed for the basic operations of the plant, such as spinning a joint, bonging, or pouring the dry matter into a vaporizer. A marijuana grinder is an essential product. Every herb needs to be treated before it can be vaporized, especially marijuana, which is a very compact plant after drying, and vaporizing whole tops or even burning whole tops will miss the point.


Wood grinders – grinders of this type are by far the heaviest to make. This type of grinders will be a very good choice for people who put on organic products and like an extraordinary look. Wooden grinders are more resistant to damage than acrylic grinders, but they are easier to damage than metal grinders.


Metal grinders – very often produced with the addition of titanium. Definitely the most popular and almost cheapest grinders. They are hard to spoil. Keeping them clean will serve for many years. A definite disadvantage of typical metal grinders is that they like to stick to the lid and grinding chamber.

Aluminium grinders – despite their size, aluminium grinders are much lighter than typical metal grinders. More expensive aluminum grinders can be covered with a ceramic coating, which prevents the material from sticking to the grinder chamber. Thanks to this, the grinder does not soak in the smell characteristic for ground herbs. Besides, it is much easier to keep it clean.


Plastic/acrylic grinders – this is by far the cheapest option for grinding dried herbs. From my point of view, these grinders have almost no advantages. I personally recommend them to people who need grinders for a trip. Something that can be thrown away without pain in case of a problem. Acrylic grinders get very dirty, if they have more than two parts, it is difficult to fit them. In addition, they do not grind the material properly. Basically, it is harder and slower to grind the material with an acrylic grinder. Such a grinder is the easiest way to destroy the material.


Card grinders – these types of grinders work as grinders. They are used for manual rubbing of the dry material. They are suitable only for dry material of larger size. Definitely the best in terms of transport.

Ceramic-coated grinders – these are some of the best grinders, ceramic grinders are distinguished by the fact that their surface is highly resistant to the adhesion of dry, what does it mean? The goods simply do not stick to the grinder walls. No sediment = more ground dryness for you. Ceramic grinders are also lighter, which in no way translates into their strength. They are strong and durable.


What size grinder to choose?


The size of the grinder you buy depends on you. The smallest grinders in our store are 30 mm wide and 20 mm high. A grinder in this size is very easy to transport even if it is in your pocket.


If you don’t have exorbitant needs and you don’t want the grinder to be visible – choose a smaller one.

If you grind a lot and you do not want the grinder to go unnoticed – aim at grinders over 55 mm wide.

The standard size chosen by most people is approx. 40 – 50 mm.

When it comes to the size of the grinder – here the most important thing is comfort. Choose so that you are comfortable.


How many partial grinders do you buy? And where can you buy a grinder, a herbal grinder?


You can buy a herbal grinder in every smoking accessories store, if you think that the store in your city has a very underdeveloped assortment, you can bet on an online store. In an online store you will buy a cracker, in this case you don’t have to limit yourself, a lot of online stores can afford a larger assortment than stationary stores, and all this is because it reaches a wider range of customers who have different tastes. In our online store you will buy grinders for herbs, marijuana and various droughts.


In our store we offer grinders in all marketable sizes and many parts.

The number of grinder parts is important if you care about the greatest comfort of use.


Two-part grinders – the easiest to use. No unnecessary fables. They consist only of a grinding chamber, into which we put the grinding material. From the same chamber we take out the already grindered drought.


Three-part grinders – consist of a grinding chamber and the so called “thief”, into which the pollen from the ground drought flies. Due to the fact that in the grinding chamber, there is a net between the teeth, which sifts the pollen – such grinders may clog the most, but it may turn out that the ground drought will have to be picked out from between the teeth. The effectiveness of pollen screening in such grinders is, in my opinion, negligible because the holes in which the net is placed are small.

Four-part grinders – crème de la crème among grinders. They consist of a grinding chamber, which instead of a net has empty holes, through which I fly the ground drought. This one goes into the chamber, which is completely filled with a pollen screening net to the last, fourth chamber of the grinder. The most efficient and best grinders.


Five-part grinders – the construction of such a grinder is the same as the four-part grinder. Its fifth part is usually hidden at the very top and is used to store the material.


How to control the grinding level, i.e. the teeth in the grinder


Of the whole grinder, the most important are its teeth – their shape and quantity. In fact, it is the teeth of the cracker that define what material we will use. So, in order to choose a grinder for yourself, check what kind of teeth it has.


The more teeth the grinder has, the finer the grinded dryness will be.

More teeth will allow you to grind more material in less time.

Apart from the number of teeth, the shape and arrangement of the teeth is very important. The shape of the teeth defines the shape of the ground material. If you care about finely ground herbs, the classic diamond-shaped blades are a good choice. I personally use a windgrinder – the drought that passes through it is not too fine, just clear. The blades themselves should also be evenly distributed. This will ensure consistent grinding of the herbs stuffed in the chamber.


If you buy a four-chamber grinder, pay attention to the holes in the first chamber, through which the ground drought will fly. The smaller the holes, the finer the material will have to be ground to fly through them.


How to clean your grinder?


To restore your grinder to its original state after a long period of use:


Throw the grinder in the freezer for 15 minutes so that all the remaining material can be peeled off the walls.


Unscrew the grinder to all possible parts. Clean each part separately. Pay attention to the pollen between the threads of each part. Do not use metal parts for cleaning ! You will destroy the coating of your grinder. Use a toothbrush, or a brush to clean your vaporizer.

After you have removed all the remaining material, especially pollen, immerse the grinder in isopropyl alcohol. This will help remove sticky, resinous residues.

Rinse with warm water and dry the grinder.


As a finisher you can use vinegar to give it a shine (then rinse again).

An option for the lazy ones, these are ready-made cleaners. We also offer BIO products. When using such cleaning agents, you can be sure that there will be no deposits and other unwanted remains of corrosive agents on the grinder.



How to use the grinder and crush the drought?


Using the grinder is very simple and just as intuitive as filling a barrel. We have devoted the whole entry, step by step, to this topic.


I will briefly describe the whole process below


Remove the top cover of the grinder. If you want to grind a large volume of material – take it into smaller pieces and spread it evenly throughout the chamber.

Put on the top cover of the grinder, press down firmly. If the upper part fits well into the lower part, you can start slowly rotating the upper cover left and right.

If you have a two or three part grinder, turn the chamber about 10 times until you find that the grinding level is adequate. Open the chamber and dump the contents into the tray. You can tap the upper part against the lower part to make sure that everything has flown out of the grinder.

In case you have a four-part grinder, grind until the whole thing goes into the next chamber.


What kind of grinder should I choose for dry, tobacco and CBD?


Each of the grinders available in our store has a wide range of applications. In addition to grinding herbs, dried hemp or tobacco, they can also be used to grind coffee and even bee pollen. No matter which grinder you choose, it will do its job.




Which vaporizer grinder?


When choosing a vaporizer grinder, it is a good idea to ensure that the grinder has a fairly fine drought – this will allow more drought to enter the chamber and the vaporizer will be able to heat the stuffed material evenly.




Which grinder do you recommend?


There are a lot of tobacco grinders available in our offer – it is hard to choose “the best one”. I personally recommend all aluminum grinders, especially those with ceramic coating.

If, apart from its functionality, the grinder is also supposed to look harsh – then I recommend epoxy resin grinders. They look extraordinary and grind equally well.




To sum up, is it worth grinding the drought?


Definitely yes ! There are too many profits to not do it. Not only do we extract the maximum aroma from our herbs, but we can also use ground herbs in many other ways than just for smoking. Thanks to ground herbs, the vaporizer will warm them up better, in the barrel and bong they will burn better and in the joint they will burn evenly. Savings, power, aroma, convenience. The question is – why not grind herbs?

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