What kind of dry vaporizer to buy?

As this market develops, the answer to the question of what kind of vaporizer to buy becomes increasingly difficult. The vaporizers are available in different types, sizes and price ranges. There are different methods of heating such as conduction or convection, integrated or replaceable batteries, different chamber sizes. It is easy to get lost in all this.


In this article we will try to answer what kind of dry vaporizer to choose. We will not discuss here vaporizers to liquds, it is a completely different category and requires a separate hearing.


Heating method


The first division of vaporizers appears due to the heating method chosen by the manufacturer. She will dictate how we should grind the drought, and what effects we can expect. When we think about which vaporizer to choose, this is one of the first questions.


Convectional vaporizers


Convectional vaporizers heat the drought by passing air through the material. In this type of dehumidification vaporizers never come into direct contact with the heat source. There is also no risk that the combustion process will take place here, because the heater is far from the chamber. The main advantage is that the drought is evenly heated during inhalation. For this reason, convection vaporizers are considered to be better and more efficient. Unfortunately, they are usually more expensive than conduction ones. An additional advantage is the so-called on-demand feature. This means that we only use dryness when we actually inhale. For this reason, we can make one inhalation and the vaporizer should be stopped without fear of wasting the drought. This can be a valuable value when you want to micro-dose.


Conductive vaporizers


Conductive vaporizers heat the drought by direct contact with the walls of the heating chamber. The manufacturer’s challenge is to heat the material evenly away from the chamber walls to release the substances contained in the material. Not all manufacturers pass this test for 5+. Mixing the dryer in the chamber, however, solves the situation and allows effective evaporation of the whole product. One of the problems is the possibility of ignition of the drought coming into direct contact with the heating chamber.





Hybrid heaters are equipped with a combination of convection and convection heating. They combine advantages, eliminating disadvantages. A great example using this method are German Crafty or Mighty vaporizers.


Type of handled material


The vaporizer will not always handle every material. A lot depends on the manufacturer’s design. Most will vaporize droughts, but not all will be able to handle the resin or liquid. When thinking about what kind of vaporizer to choose, it is worth thinking about what we will expect from our vaporizer. Often, manufacturers add different types of inserts for example on the liquide or resins, which extends the possibilities.


Power supply


When we think about which vaporizer will be appropriate for me, we have to answer the question about potential places of its use. Whether it will be just a house, or an occasional walk in the forest, or maybe just a use without electricity.




Here we should pay attention to the features depending on what we expect from the target device. One of the basic features is temperature control. One dimension is the range of temperature control, the standard is 180-220 degrees, although everything depends on the evaporation temperature of the desired substance. If we need a little more freedom in this sphere, let’s look for models that allow for a wide range of temperatures, and gradual regulation, preferably every single degree. Additionally, if we want to connect to our phone, it is an additional option that more expensive models have.


There are a lot of ideas for improving the vaporization process, so when you think about what kind of vaporizer to buy, let’s consider which of the features you want to pay for and which will be important to you.


Accessories are beginning to be an increasingly important aspect that can help, improve or refine the vaporization experience to our needs. Very often you ask for accessories that will soften or cool the steam when you want to encourage your loved ones to vaporize for example. We pay attention to this, especially if you or your loved ones have never smoked before. Then you may want to take care of a device that has a water filter adapter or bubbler. Fortunately, most devices have accessories of this type.



The main division is:


portable vaporizers – battery or accumulator powered


stationary vaporizers – powered from an outlet, for home use


Here, he should give us some common sense. Devices with a built-in battery, without the possibility of replacement are much more temporary. A battery of even the highest quality will lose its properties over time and the usefulness of our device with it. It is worth taking this into account.


Manual vaporizers (Vapcap or Vaponic) are also available, which are heated by the flame supplied from the lighter.


The second issue, related to the power supply, is the power of the vaporizer and the usefulness of the device. The best metaphor for us is the technology of desktops and notebooks; over time and with the development of technology, these differences began to blur for the home user; however, some of the limitations that a portable device brings, we will not jump in the near future; Battery, power, cooling, versus limited space and no access to continuous power;


This is exactly what I feel we can relate to vaporizers. Stationary, strong, bigger, with better cooling, they can, thanks to the lack of space constraints: be used longer, more efficient and with a stronger heater;


If we have a constant power supply, this stationary device will be much more useful, especially if we want to use vaporizers frequently.


Quality of workmanship


The first noticeable difference between a cheap and good quality vaporizer is what it is made of. A good quality vaporizer will be made of aluminum alloys (Pax vaporizer), glass (Solo 2) or zirconia (Davinci IQ). Cheaper will be made of plastic or silicone. As a result, the quality of workmanship will translate into the length of failure-free use. In addition, the more attention the manufacturer paid to the quality of workmanship, often goes hand in hand with the quality of vaporization, which we experience from the device.


Price range


Actually, this is the main condition when considering which vaporizer to buy. However, when we start to understand the advantages and disadvantages of different models of vaporizers, having a vision of what we will want to use our model for, we know from experience that the price range of purchases is sometimes mobile:) That is why we place it at the end.


Which mobile vaporizer should I choose up to 399 PLN?

Below we present a few proposals of vaporizers up to 399 PLN. We have listed the most important features in our opinion, so that each of you can compare what is important when making your choice. Under the table we will arrange each of them briefly. In this amount you can choose an interesting vaporizer, which will successfully introduce us to the world of vaporization and aromatherapy.


X-MAX Starry 3.0 vaporizer


The first and in our opinion the best option in this price range is the Starry 3.0 vaporizer. It is an ideal model for someone entering the world of vaporization, be it medical or recreational.


The quality of Starry 3.0 is really admirable in this price range. Robust metal casing, ceramic heating chamber (up to 0.3g) and mouthpiece made of zirconia. There is nothing in this range that could compete with Starry 3.0.

Digital display and very wide temperature range 100°C – 240°C

Replaceable battery with a large capacity of 2900mAh

There is nothing cheaper, which is better than Starry 3.0. Nothing to add, nothing to say, it is a great vaporizer in this price range.


Vapcap M 2020


Dynavap’s line of Vapcap vaporizers is a representative of portable vaporizers for which we need a lighter and are not powered by a battery. This version of analog vaporizers has found a huge number of fans all over the world, due to its exceptional vaporization efficiency, steam taste, indestructibility, and extraordinary performance. The precision of Vapcap vaporizers can surprise even a layman not associated with metallurgy or engineering.


Boundless CFC 2.0


The third option, which is a bit cheaper than the old one, is a vaporizer from the American company Boundless CFC 2.0. It is a great model, the successor of the liked CFC with a number of improvements.


Here we will find it:


digital display with temperature control from 60-230°C

ceramic heating chamber (0.3-0.5g)

even better vaporization results than in the older CFC brother

long battery life (18650) on one charge – up to 10 sessions

free water filter adapter

ready to use in 15 seconds

Fenix Mini


Another option, Fenix Mini. Very well known and liked in Poland for its value for money. The casing, although made of plastic, seems to be carefully crafted.


Fenix Mini vaporizer is:


digital display and temperature control from 160°C to 221°C

a fairly good pair

heating chamber for 0.1 – 0.15g

non-removable battery (1600mAh) allowing for 4-5 sessions on one charge

ready for use in 30 seconds

Which vaporizer to choose up to 699 PLN?

In this price range we will be able to choose a medium shelf vaporizer, and thus, it will be better made and have a few additional facilities.


Arizer Extreme Q


In this price range, the Extreme Arizer Q stationary vaporizer will be a very interesting proposal. The set includes a convectional vaporizer with a fan, a hose, balloons and a few interesting accessories. In our opinion, the most worth recommending is the connection of the vaporizer with the balloon, something we do not get in any portable vaporizer and it is an invaluable feature. The vaporization becomes extremely simple, because the balloon is filled with the content of dry matter that we put into the chamber, blown out with a fan – after a few minutes we have a ready ‘product’ with the content in the balloon. An additional advantage is that the steam will be softer, because we do not take it only and directly from the device. In the balloon it is mixed with air, and additionally has time to cool down.


Linx Eden


In this price range, and even in its lower level, we have a very interesting proposal of a fully convective vaporizer. Linx Eden is a beautiful and extremely well made device. Thanks to the quartz air path we have, additionally, great taste. All this for up to 499 PLN.


Boundless CFX


Among mobile vaporizers, at the top of our list in this price range we recommend the American company Boundless. Hybrid heating in CFX gives very even results. Additionally, we have the possibility to vaporize concentrates. Boundless CFX, although it is in the middle price range, is a quality product that actually competes with the higher price range.


Boundless CFX is:


an interesting display with a wide temperature range of 38°C-221°C

two powerful batteries with a capacity of 2500mAh, allowing for up to 15 sessions on one charge

heater with 80W and only 20s to start working

Davinci Miqro


Davinci Miqro is an updated, smaller version of Davinci IQ vaporizer. Their common features include a fully zirconium airway. The Miqro generates a vapour sensitive airway, and has an easy-to-clean heating channel.


Davinci Miqro is:


anodized aluminum housing

Replaceable battery 18350

temperature control in the range 175°C-220°C

heating chamber up to 0.25 g



Boundless CFV


The second Boundless vaporizer, CFV, is a great proposal for someone who is looking for something at a moderate price, small, with fully convection heating. Possibility of temperature control 60-230°C. If you are looking for a portable od-demand vaporizer, this is a great option at this price. Additionally, we have a 3-year warranty from Boundless.


Linx Gaia


The second bite of Linx – Gaia is quite an interesting proposition in this price range. It is distinguished by a very elegant and minimalist design. The manufacturer really pays attention to this detail. The case is made of ground aluminum. On the side you will find a digital display and buttons to control temperature.


What distinguishes Linx Gaia is the quartz heating chamber. Standard heating chamber is made of ceramic or stainless steel. For the moment of writing this article, it is the only manufacturer offering such a proposal. Linx Gaia has a hybrid heating, with a larger proportion inclined to the quartz walls of the chamber.


What portable vaporizer to buy up to 200 GPB?


Ghost MV1


The Ghost is quite an innovative device, especially in terms of appearance. The ability to connect and operate from the phone is also an interesting option. Unfortunately the device is not very easy to use, we do not always manage to generate beautiful clouds. We read that this vaporizer requires learning. Perhaps. For someone who has little time, the Ghost will not be the best choice. For someone who likes challenges, the Ghost will be an interesting option. Unfortunately in 2020. The Ghost is out of business in 2020.


Boundless Tera


Tera is a piece of equipment. The vaporizer is solid and lies well in the hand, not lightest. Fully convective device, we fell in love with it from the first contact. The operation is extremely intuitive and trouble-free. Wide temperature range for different kinds of herbs, solid battery.


The only disadvantage that can be disturbing is that the mouthpieces get quite hot. For this we have for you a workaround, in the form of longer mouthpieces from Arizera Solo 2. We like long, bent and glass ones the most, which solve the problem and thanks to this Tera is one of our favorite vaporizers.


What kind of vaporizer to choose over 200 GPB?




The Mighty mobile vaporizer by the German company Storz & Bickel is a legend. A few years ago Vaporizer paved the way for portable vaporizers. When someone asks what kind of best vaporizer in UK to buy, with most users, the first answer is – Mighty. It is a device recommended by the vast majority. Very fast results, we don’t need any special inhalation lessons here. We put in the drought and it works. But we all love Mighty.

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