Things To Consider When Buying Mobility Scooter Batteries

If you have a mobility scooter or know someone who has then you may know that the batteries only have a limited life and therefore from time to time you may need to buy some new batteries for your mobility scooter. Furthermore if you have batteries that take a long time to recharge then you may wish to buy some spare mobility scooter batteries so that you can keep on the road for longer. Whichever of these that may apply to you there are certain things that you need to consider when buying you batteries which may then determine which brand of battery that you are likely to buy.

First of all you have to recognise that the mobility scooter is a highly prized asset and helps gives its owner a sense of independence so it is vitally important to ensure that when it comes to replacing the battery that you buy the highest quality battery that you can afford so that you can rely on the performance of the battery and ultimately the vehicle.

One way to measure the quality of mobility scooter batteries is to look at the different pricing structure as more often than not the more expensive batteries will also be the higher quality batteries.

Obviously before you part with any cash you will need to check the manual for your website over scootmobielen to help give you an idea of the recommended battery that you will need to power and also to fit your vehicle. Once you know that then you can look for the better quality batteries that fit the required specification. Some retailers have vague return policies due to the nature of the product so you will need to ensure that you buy the right specification or else you could just end up with a battery to get rid of on eBay or in your local classifieds.

There are several types of mobility scooter batteries, each of them have their own benefits. The common power output for many brands is 12 volts but a standard scooter requires 24 volts, hence they come in pair’s. Whilst you have considered the quality of a battery you will also need to take into consideration the general lifespan of that battery. Sometimes there can be a trade off between having a battery giving you an exceptionally long charge and run time and the overall longevity of that battery. If you want a battery that has a long lifespan, then it will likely cost you quite a bit more, but then again almost every worthwhile investment will.

There are certain subcategories that may assist you in choosing the best battery to suit your purpose, although you have to be especially keen on size specifications. The plan is to combine high quality and longer service. The batteries listed below are from some of the main manufacturers and come in a range of prices.

The MK battery range comes highly recommended. These batteries are gel sealed and have a much longer life span. Manufactured in the U.S, this battery may seem a bit pricey, but it is completely worth it.

The Platinum mobility batteries are built on high performance, exceptional long term service, and overall high value. If you are looking for a reliable battery for your mobility scooter, then Platinum is the way to go.

If you’re inclination is of a more pocket friendly nature, there are still battery ranges just for you. The Haze or Lucas range of batteries offer low cost solutions, with significant quality, and a decent life span. If you are strapped for cash, these makes will get you up and about in no time.

Numax batteries also offer competitive pricing for those looking for cheap batteries which are also of a decent quality. This type of battery consists of a high functioning, sealed lead acid composite, that will give great value for money, and good overall service.

Many mobility manufacturers fit the Sonnenschein battery as the standard for quality. This is based on the fact that it works well, is compatible with just about any mobility scooter, and gives you a long time in service. This battery employs dry-fit technology, making it a fan favourite with many users.

The Yuasa is one of the famous brands. It works great, is highly reliable, and is part of a sealed lead acid battery variety that has been loved by many for a long time. The sealed lead acid variety of batteries lay claim to higher quality levels. It is a bit expensive, but most purchasers will agree that the value fits the price.

As you can see investing in a new set of batteries for your mobility scooter can be a minefield but as long as you know what size battery you are after and what characteristics you are looking for then choosing which battery to buy for your mobility scooter can be made a lot easier.


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